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FEII A Dependable IT Partner.

We welcome those, who are interested to start their computer training centre under our recognition. However, the recognition will be available after taking the membership under our protocol.

FEII makes it a priority to stay abreast with the latest technologies and partner with the best in the industry to give the quality IT education to the participants. We are building a Global Work Partnership network to enhance and expand our service offerings, and provide the competitive edge to the participants. We satisfy the high standards of our participants for Quality, Service and Delivery. We take great pride in our abilities to craft and deliver winning solutions to the participants, often under challenging circumstances. You'll find that FEII is a Creative, Reliable and Dependable IT Partner. We offer competitive pricing, rapid response and exceptional quality of services for your challenging IT initiatives.

Benefits - FEII's Recognition Membership

A big benefit of Recognised Centre is that FEII offer business owners a proven business strategy, while many new businesses struggle to develop a viable and profitable business plan. FEII Recognised Centres have already demonstrated that they are capable of making substantial profits and time again.

Welcome to FEII Family, the pioneer in IT Education & Training

FEII provides business owners with instant Brand Recognition.Usually it  takes years for startup businesses to establish their brand in the market place, and even then there is no guarantee that consumers will recognize them as a leader in their industry.

FEII Management is always open to suggestions for change (as well as local or regional variations) from their authorized Centres network. FEII Centres can recommend addition of courses, if appropriate FEII will approve Innovative Courses to benefit the Centres and students.

Recognised Centres adopt the FEII Operating System and follow it religiously to attain success and make profits. FEII Recognised Centres by virtue are attached to and re-assembled with Brand FEII. Recognised Centres often experience exponential growth with the Brand recognition as the franchising grows and expands.

Authorized Centres sell a defined, proven business format or method of operation, offering a product or service that has sold successfully. An independent business is based on both an untried idea and operation.

A separate cell is established at FEII H.O. to Co-ordinate & integrates Advertisements & Marketing on regular basis in leading Print media/Electronic media / Banners/ Brochures/ Pamphlets, Posters/Canopy etc. besides, supply of Display Boards, Banners, Posters and other publicity materials at economical price from FEII - Administration Office.