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Examination & Certification

Examination and Certification shall be organized by FEII in coordination with the concerned of Recognised Centre Head. After completion of the course (as per FEII prescribed syllabus) in the stipulated duration at the centre certificates to be issued, will follow the success.

The authorized Centre- head would take required tests and final examination and send the Informative Statement Sheet in  duly filled-in, along with the checked up answer sheets, to the FEII H.O.

The Centre Head shall submit the statement sheet, in , duly filled-in mentioning all the particulars and  signed by the Centre Head with the rubber-stamp of the centre concerned. Consequently, the FEII H.O. will issue the required Certificate, and Mark-Sheet within a period of one month from the date of receipt of the details.

Examinations and Issue of Certificates is subject under control of the Administrative Office - FEII H.O. - India.