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About Us

We introduce ourselves as an ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Non Government Organisation (NGO) founded in 1987 in the Name Friends Electronics Institute India (FEII) with a vision to strengthen India's bright future in the field of Information Technology (IT). FEII is a forerunner in the country with progressive steps to implementation and impart total IT solutions, quality e-literacy programs that ensures distribution of the benefits of the IT boom among the general people of India.

            In currently E-commerce revolution, the business scene has changed and global markets have now easily introduced to that. We have observed this pattern and determined to provide innovative, cost effective and customized solutions. We at FEII, visualize a class of nation which is E-literate, and in due course, can be moulded to such a community where E-commerce can be applied for. We have put forward two phases of Projects for this. In the first phase FEII is creating infrastructures at different Recognised centres for  the urban and rural areas for dissemination of the latest Technology   and in the second phase FEII is continuing its training program among the general people to develop technical man power in technical area of the country.

OUR Mission

Our mission extends to the country where our citizens and visitors particularly of urban area  can choose and interact with one another, where public service providers and their businesses find  use of the full range of technologies. Thus information will flow freely from providers to citizens and also to individual needs. Engagement in the  generation of any concerning cultures will speak through the innovation and it will characterise our Digital Nation. We believe that raising of general level of technology usage in our communities, individuals and groups will interact more rapidly with enhanced digital services. Ultimately, our challenge in bringing together young and old, from urban and rural areas, to share experiences, exchange resources and have every product / service available at the tip of their fingers.

            FEII's mission is to become the leading provider of Latest Computer Education for all business centres consumer' transactions inside and outside the utility industry. For this purpose we need to create Computer skilled manpower and a network of business hub across.

            The burning question of the day is the un-employment problem which lies before the young genaration in common. In a sense, it is a kind of challenge to them. This challenge can, with Computer education, be encountered with the promise of self-help based occupation. And here, our motto stands with its mission to co-operate the youths.

  • FEII Mission begins with integral development of the individuals, including their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.
  • FEII Mission takes step for developing new and innovative ways of imparting values, creativity, aesthetic side, skills using the power, and capabilities of Technology.
  • FEII Mission helps in building up mutually connective networks and relationships, both in personal and professional link in sharing of goals, ideas, experience, in teaching and learning by involving all members of the society - parents, teachers, educationists and others - in creating a life - long leading community.
  • FEII Mission is a person education that is inclusive, joyful, interesting and relevant, which can transform an entire generation of hundreds of millions students, having very diverse social, economic, cultural and language backgrounds to  time suited enlightenment.
  • FEII Mission accomplishes the base of go forward with the education insights, latest knowledge and practices for making it well befilling in the world of latest technological outlook.

You're Passion is our Mission.